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Modern Advancements Have Made the Life Easy free essay sample

The pace of improvement and change has quickened exponentially since the start of the twentieth century and proceeds with today, influencing numerous parts of day by day present day life. Great morning the whole gang. I, remain before you to communicate my supporting perspectives on the point that cutting edge progressions have made the existence simple. There are various fields in which modernisation has influenced our lives and have helped us in sparing time, cost and endeavors in this manner making human life increasingly agreeable and important. The zones are numerous yet because of time steady I have picked just four key fields which will plainly bolster the subject when we will take a gander at their over a wide span of time situations and favorable circumstances to humankind. These are-Advancements in Information innovation, Medical field, Robotics and Transportation. Data innovation It used to take a long time to pass on the data through post which is currently conceivable inside seconds with the assistance of Computers and web. We will compose a custom exposition test on Present day Advancements Have Made the Life Easy or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page PCs can likewise guard every one of your records, portable, clean and effectively open which was unrealistic before. Utilizing web, One can telecommute and find out about nearly anything. Transportation One of fundamental reasons why shopper merchandise are modest and accessible in created nations is a direct result of advances in transportation. You can eat food, wear garments and mess around totally made in various, far away nations on account of planes, trucks, supertankers and streets that didnt exist a century back. You can likewise make a trip to anyplace on the planet in a day or two, rather than months. Everything is progressively open. Mechanical technology Robotics is the most recent headway in the field of innovation and science. There are numerous points of interest of robots, for example, Robots infrequently commit errors and are more exact than human laborers. They can deliver a more noteworthy amount of work in a short measure of time. They can work at a consistent speed without any breaks. They can do any sort of work they are modified to. They lessen human endeavors and time and can do different perilous assignments which a man essentially can't. Prescriptions Advances in medication have permitted individuals to live more and more advantageous lives. Anti-microbials and antibodies may have spared your life, and have unquestionably kept somebody you know alive. With headway in the clinical field, the normal future has gone as long as 65 years which was 57 years in 1990. This reality unmistakably demonstrates that clinical headway have improved the strength of masses. To close, we should concur from above models that cutting edge progressions have unquestionably made our lives simple. Much thanks to you.

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When Volunteerism Isn't Noble Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

At the point when Volunteerism Isn't Noble - Essay Example Her conflict with the educational committee on exchanging deliberate hours with credits didn't prevent her from offering free assistance. This is on the grounds that she accepts that chipping in one’s network is of worth and central. She can't help contradicting obligatory chipping in light of the fact that it isn't authentic. Individuals in such projects are compelled to take part in deliberate administrations to fulfill objectives that could be instructive. For instance, in Lynn’s school, understudies were constrained to finish long stretches of network administrations to get their separate recognitions. Lynn will not follow obligatory chipping in her school on account of a few reasons. The main explanation that motivates her refusal to conform to necessary chipping in is its identicalness to coerce. She doesn't comprehend why the president would favor any projects that power understudies to chip in before they accomplish their evaluations. Her choice to sue Liberty H igh was owing to the way that compulsory volunteerism program was defective. She saw that different understudies kidded about it while others overstated the quantity of hours they worked (McWhorter 19). I don't concur totally with Lynn Steirer’s thoughts on chipping in. Chipping in ought not be liberal since it influences the whole chipping in process. Chipping in has attractive outcomes when individuals are compelled to partake, for instance, by being given hours that they have to fulfill. In some cases individuals should be constrained before they understand the criticalness of chipping in both their lives and networks. Required chipping in is sure particularly to understudies since it could make understudies mindful. During the chipping in process, understudies notice that they are enthusiastic about chipping in making them liable understudies. They could be ignorant of organizations that permit them to offer their free administrations. This proposes required chipping in uncovered them

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Electronic and Mobile commerce Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Electronic and Mobile trade - Assignment Example The organization has additionally extended its menu to incorporate natural products, smoothies, wraps, fish, plates of mixed greens and prepared fries. This organization holds fast to B2C model of business. The organization offers association and establishment to neighborhood individuals who stick to company‘s rules and regulationâ ofâ all aspectsâ to the business.â The clients can get administration through straightforwardly visiting the store. The client can arrange and eat there itself or get a takeaway feast. The subsequent technique is dialing cost free number and request supper forâ the entryway step delivery. As the partnership is thinking about another road of business, that is on the web, it needs to make an exhaustive business system to get accomplishment in this endeavor. Formation of aâ newâ business methodology forâ newâ medium of correspondence isn't so natural as it includesâ a parcel ofâ investment in different pieces of business and new strategies. As the proposed speculation is huge, it is important to gauge the pace of profits and increment in business deals. This issue can be settled by charging statistical surveying forâ the Internetâ and versatile review of the current client group.â As the market report is sure, the organization chooses to actualize electronic and portable business in type of simple to get to easy to use intelligent site and versatile application fromâ where the clients can pick nourishment things from menu and request forâ doorstep delivery.â There areâ a parcel ofâ onlineâ tools that assists with publicizing the McDonalds online order administrations, for example, long range informal communication sites,â photo-sharingâ sites, blog sites. These sitesâ offerâ freeâ services,â and organization can keep up cozy relationship amongâ the individuals from the destinations and can without much of a stretch update them aboutâ fresh administrations, schemes,â brand newâ food itemsâ onâ the menu.â Today, Smartphoneâ isâ becoming exceptionally normal as the majority of the individuals want to buy them for both business and joy. With Smartphone application., the clients can without much of a stretch request from

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How to Perform an Effective Scholarship Search

Most students who are looking for scholarships start with a simple question: â€Å"Where can I find a list of scholarships that are perfect for me?† During my time at the UCLA Scholarship Resource Center, I used to swivel around in my chair and say, â€Å"This whole office is a list. So is the internet.† Though many balk at the task of sorting through potential opportunities, this task is absolutely essential. Anyone searching for scholarships must develop individualized search strategies based on their own self-knowledge. Below you’ll learn how to accomplish this efficiently. How to generate a list of terms that will facilitate effective personal searches Set aside a chunk of time to answer questions about the following aspects of your background, short- and long-term goals, and personal interests. Answers to these questions become your search queries on the internet. Use each term to navigate institutional or university websites, find privately endowed community funds, and identify interesting essay contests. Once you have a list of 25+ terms that describe various aspects of who you are, spend one hour experimenting online with each search term. Here are some categories to think about that will help you generate search terms: Graduate school goals List the specific goals that you will achieve through your degree program. Questions you can ask yourself to hone your specific goals include: Will you conduct research or fieldwork? Do you plan to get hands-on work experience? In what kind of community, archive, or institution do you plan to carry out your research or conduct work? Who do you wish to serve through your work and research? Think through the progress of your degree – what are normal benchmarks for a person to hit along the way? It is likely that you will be able to get funding to support your work towards achieving each of these benchmarks, but you must identify what those achievements are in order to search for related funding. When you know which university you plan to attend, it is up to you to navigate university bureaucracies and find opportunities to apply for funds to support your degree objectives. You can start with your specific department, but there are hundreds of other centers, labs, institutes, student services, and academic communities that can support your goals. Community Use the following three questions to build the search terms related to your individualized sense of community: What communities do you belong to? Consider ethnicity, race, religion, immigration or citizenship status, medical conditions, gender, sexuality – identifying these elements of your sense of self will allow you to connect with a large number of communities. What communities do you care about? Perhaps you dont belong to a particular community, but you care a lot about one. Many people care about the animal kingdom or the environment. Some of your career goals might even be built around a community or entity that is outside of yourself. Or you may have special hobbies and interests that play a big role in your recreational life. Do any of your habits and routines make you part of a broader community? What communities care about you? Do you know of any organizations that care specifically about aspects of your life and person? Can you think outside of yourself and your own interests and imagine which communities might be invested in you and your goals? Rather than focus on the nuances of your sense of identity, imagine communities that care about your experiences. This exercise will expand how you think about the role that your identity plays in a world of shared experiences, and allow you to connect with the missions of many organizations. Potential careers Use this category to list as many future careers that you see your degree leading towards. Its okay, in fact better, if you include more than one career trajectory here. Ask yourself: Are these careers associated with professional organizations? What essential turning points, key experiences, or critical skills will you need in order to contribute to these communities? Do related national associations of organizations fund students to achieve career-based goals? The likely answer is yes! Interests hobbies I usually use this category to help clients find essay contests that are specific to personal interests and hobbies. Really feel free to go all out here; there are essay contests for people who love coffee and for people who love zombies. List all of your genuine interests and hobbies here please. Rather than peruse the many essay contests that exist online, Im encouraging you to make a list of the hobbies and interests that you’d most like to write an essay about. Then your search queries will look like this: â€Å"Essay contests about coffee†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Geographies What countries, regions, states, and cities do you have a personal relationship with? List places that have more meaning to you than I have traveled there, but are also little broader than just I am from there. When you start searching for organizations, the best place to start is where you’ve lived, where you went to high school, where you went to college, and where you are currently based. Ideally, you’ll start asking questions like: â€Å"What organizations in LA care about something I care about?† Languages Include all of the languages that you currently speak or are interested in actively learning over the next two years. There are many federal grants and career-based associations who would like to support people who can use multilingual abilities to build careers that involve working with an incredibly diverse population of individuals. Just having a language other than English or studying a new language as part of your course of study may make you eligible for additional scholarships. Project-based goals If someone gave you $15,000 for a community project, what would you put together? What are the components of a community organization or mission that you most care about? Many organizations and private donors award funds to students based on project proposals. But these foundations usually have very specific mission statements. The best way for you to connect with an organization like this is to think about the kind of project you’d like to carry out in the first place, and then search for foundations that would care about that kind of project. So if you’re faced with a daunting tuition bill from your dream school, don’t give up on your dreams. Roll up your sleeves, follow the suggestions above, and spend some time looking for a scholarship that’s also looking for you. And don’t forget – we can help! Connect with your personal Accepted advisor today for guidance on finding, applying to, and winning the scholarship that will make your grad school dreams obtainable. By Rebecca Lippman, Accepted consultant. Prior to working at Accepted Rebecca worked as a Student Affairs Advisor at the UCLA Scholarship Resource Center. She has taught undergraduate and graduate students how to write large grant applications for grants awarded by organizations such as Fulbright Student Program, Gates Cambridge Scholarship, Knight-Hennessy Scholars, Ford Foundation, Paul Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, and the National Science Foundation. Rebecca has a masters degree from University of Cambridge, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Comparative Literature at UCLA. Want Rebecca to help you get Accepted? Click here to get in touch! Related Resources: †¢ 5 Fatal Flaws to Avoid in Your Grad School Statement of Purpose, a free guide †¢ Awards! Grants! Scholarships! Oh My! a podcast episode †¢ What is a Scholarship? And Why Didnt I Get One?

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The Presence Of Operating Women s Crusades - 1471 Words

The presence of operating women s Crusades is an important factor in gaining rights for women. Within many countries there have been lively strives for women s rights during the 20th century to the present, even under the most tyrannical governments. The middle class movement has served as a rallying point in Latin America, as it was within the United States (Miller 159). Women have been challenging adversaries of dictatorial regimes, such as the dictatorship in Mexico and Argentina. As in other movements around the world, there are some tensions because women are often separated by social classes. With different needs, goals, orientation, women cannot always unite. In occasions of financial poverty, poor women s efforts are more likely to connect brothers and sisters of the same refinement than they are to join sisters within class lines. There are different orientations to fight for whereas the interests of class, race, and gender do intersect. Generally, one separation sees the fight for equality with men as meaning that centering on customary women s work like childcare and housework, will watch them into these gender roles. The other division begins by women fighting for benefits such as paid maternity leave, stipends, and Social Security, low-cost, or free daycare. The benefits women have one today are in both realms (GEIA). In the 20th century, 95% of young women know about contraception and at least 88% will be able to give birth in a hospital or clinic. ThisShow MoreRelated How the Rich Benefit from the Poor Essay5323 Words   |  22 Pagesthe pursuit of monetary accumulation. In Piven and Cloward’s Regulating the Poor, this point is illustrated: â€Å"Capitalism, however, relies primarily upon the mechanisms of a market-the promise of financial rewards or penalties-to motivate men and women to work and to hold them to their occupational tasks† (4). The increased motivation of important members of the workforce by the enticing tactics of greed for wealth is a result of strategic planning by the major shareholders of the firm. The costRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility15903 Words   |  64 Pagessecure credit card transactions. Once a user decides to make a donation, he or she is taken to the payment service provider s site where the transaction takes place. Usually the provider establishes a fee structure with participating NPOs based on contributions received. Cross Promotions that promise a donation to a charitable cause based on the purchase of the company s product. Herein a certain percentage of the cost of purchase is diverted towards the cause. The idea being to take an issue thatRead MoreRp-Us Visiting Forces Agreement12890 Words   |  52 Pagesvisit to the United States in November of 2001 (Sarmiento,2001). This agreement, now identified as the Military Logistical Supports Agreement (MLSA), was rumored to be a document that would allow the United States to return as a permanent military presence in the country (The Philippine Star, 2003). Filipino Congresswoman Imee Marcos has called the MLSA a â€Å"Trojan horse,† which when combined with the controversial Visiting Forces Agreement of February 1998 would lead to the reintroduction of US troopsRead MoreEssay on Walmart16417 Words   |  66 Pages30, 2008 Type Traded as Public NYSE: WMT ( ticker=wmt) Dow Jones Industrial Averag e Component SP 500 Component Industry Founded Founder(s) Retail 1962 Sam Walton Headquarters Bentonville, Arkansas, United States 36 °21!51N 094 °12!59W Number of locations Area served Key people Products 8,970 (2011) Worldwide S. Robson Walton, Chairman Mike Duke, President/CEO Apparel/footwear specialty, cash carry/warehouse club, discount store, hypermarket/supercenter/superstoreRead MoreEssay on The Role of Labor in American History9019 Words   |  37 Pagesduring this century. Improvements did not come easily. Organizing unions, winning the right to representation, using the collective bargaining process as the core of their activities, struggling against bias and discrimination, the working men and women of America have built a trade union movement of formidable proportions. Labor in America has correctly been described as a stabilizing force in the national economy and a bulwark of our democratic society. Furthermore, the gains that unions haveRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pagesis not of great interest to all swathes of society) †¢ Average child watches 8000 television murders by the time he reaches the age of 21 †¢ E.g. Ted Bundy: obsessed with pornography and went on to sexually assault and murder innovent young women †¢ E.g. Bandura’s Bobo Doll experiment: children who were exposed to violent scenes more likely to hit Bobo Doll †¢ E.g. Columbine Shootings inspired by video game â€Å"Doom† †¢ E.g. Nathan Martinez who shot dead his step-mother and step-sisterRead MoreDubais Political and Economic Development: Essay38738 Words   |  155 Pagesexpatriate group and make up $4.5 percent of the private sector according to official statistic^.^ ~ o sof these people perform menial jobs in the service and t construction industriese3Expatriate Arabs form another 9.4 percent of the citys s.~ workforce and the remaining 1.9 percent are ~ u r o ~ e a nThe reason that so many foreign workers have flocked to Dubai is quite simple - to make money. Although lowpaying jobs hammering steel and cleaning floors may not sound very appealing, theyRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesHartman Strom, Political Woman: Florence Luscomb and the Legacy of Radical Reform Michael Adas, ed., Agricultural and Pastoral Societies in Ancient and Classical History Jack Metzgar, Striking Steel: Solidarity Remembered Janis Appier, Policing Women: The Sexual Politics of Law Enforcement and the LAPD Allen Hunter, ed., Rethinking the Cold War Eric Foner, ed., The New American History. Revised and Expanded Edition E SSAYS ON _ T WENTIETH- C ENTURY H ISTORY Edited by MichaelRead MoreComment on How Changes in Macro and Market Environment Forces Impact on the Level of Competition in an Industry.18606 Words   |  75 Pagesthe most high-proï ¬ le case is that against Microsoft, which was ï ¬ ned  £340 million for its alleged misuse of its near monopoly in operating systems to squeeze out rivals by bundling Media Player into the Windows operating system.5 This was Abuse of market dominance Political and Legal Forces CHAPTER 3 75 3.1 Marketing in Action The European Commission’s Crusade Against Cartels Both in the USA and the EU the battle against price-ï ¬ xing cartels has never been so strongly fought. In the USARead MoreAn Analysis of Terrorism Essay9824 Words   |  40 Pagesnetworks grew with the help of better transportation, more television, better telephones, and more sophisticated and deadly explosives. The conflicts between Israel and Arab countries after World War II led to intense periods of terrorism. 1970’s and 1980’s , terrorism spilled over into western Europe. The Palestinians liberation has set up organizations in Germany, Italy and Japan. Another army, fighting for the liberation of Northern Ireland from Great Britain. Before the airplane hi-jackings

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Language as Barrier to Communication Essay Example

Essays on Language as Barrier to Communication Essay The paper "Language as a Barrier to Communication" is an excellent example of an essay on humanitarian.   Communication is an important practice in almost every aspect of human life. Diverse and dynamic factors influence effective and efficient communication. In particular, language plays a central role as far as communication is concerned. Language that is sexist, racist, and homophobic in nature creates a critical barrier to communication (Sue 47). Sexist language is a discriminatory language that focuses on the sex factor within a given communication context. This language creates a barrier to communication through gender categorization and isolation. In other words, it categorizes gender into men and women and subsequently isolates one or the other based on the chosen preference. The affected party in that communication context feels left out or unwanted. This could create individual-based tension that inhibits effective communication.Racist language is prejudicial in nature, an aspect that creates superiority complex problems. For example, language that suggests white dominance over people of color is prejudiced. With one race feeling superior to the other, communication becomes a challenge especially within a setting where the two races interact.Sexual orientation influences communication in diverse and dynamic ways. Homophobic language is prejudicial against homosexual persons. In the communication context, this language r esults in personal attitudes that hinder communication-based interactions and relations. For example, the interaction between straight and homosexual persons could limit information flow or hinder information sharing.In conclusion, the language that exhibits sexist, racist, and homophobic aspects create a barrier to communication. Such language affects how people interact or relate within a given communication context. With limited interaction and relation, the extent to which communication is effective becomes hampered.

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Ethical Issues of Health Care free essay sample

Out of the four models of physician/patient relationship, Dr. McKee exemplified the Paternalistic model, the least ideal model for physician/patient interactions. He makes decisions for the patient dismissing the importance of their values or desires. For example, on the way home from a festival with his wife, Mrs. Street calls because she is concerned that her husband wants to mow the lawn after having just received surgery on his lungs. Dr. McKee says† Well it is dangerous to mow the lawn in the dark†, laughs, and carelessly hangs up on her.He also uses the interpretive model where the patient is inchoate and is asking for elucidation of their values and acts as a counselor. For example, the suicidal patient, he tells the patient next time he wants to torture himself to go play golf. Doctors such as Dr. Murray, Dr. Abbott, and his radiology therapist were doctors in the film that acted in the same manner as Dr. McKee had in the beginning of the film. Dr. Murray asked him to lie under oath for him in a major malpractice case against Mr. Richards. This case involved medical infidelity and going against the ethical principle of justice when the benefit that Mr. Richard’s was entitled to was denied and the burden of his health was imposed unduly. He was denied informed consent of his medical conditions and went against the Kantian belief of truth-telling which states† to be truthful in all declarations is therefore a sacred and conditional command of reasons, and not to be limited by any other expediency. † Dr. Abbott also treats her patients like specimen and has an egoistic view in medical ethics. She’s rude, keeps her patients waiting, and speaks to them in a careless manner. At one point when Dr.McKee was concerned about being unable to see her until later in the day she says to him, â€Å"I am the doctor and you are my patient. I am telling you when I am available. † Dr. McKee’s radiology therapist left his cancer patients unattained for an entire week because he was backed up and also against informed- consent as well as truth-telling when he fails to inform Dr. McKee that his tumor has gotten larger since therapy. All he tells him is that â€Å"it didn’t shrink. † In the beginning of the film, Dr. McKee would have evaluated this type of behavior from doctors as acceptable and justifiable. A Medical Ethics committee is responsible for ethical issues, problems and dilemmas pertaining to health. Medical Ethics involves the moral relationship between people and health professionals and is based primarily on the idea of fidelity, respect, and trust. Although a medical ethics committee follows principles of autonomy, informed consent, confidentiality, beneficence, and distributive justice, If Dr. McKee were to be a member of medical ethics committee in the beginning of the movie, he would ultimately address a dilemma from a more paternalistic view.If he were to be placed in a position where he needed to evaluate a situation and come up with a decision regarding a patients health, he would believe in doing what appears to be in the best interest of the patient even if it against the expressed of implied wishes of the patient, but â€Å"for the patient’s own good. † He would act upon the principle of double effect which states that it is permissible to do what o rdinarily is harm if one does not intend the harm, the harm is an unintended effect of some good action, and the action is the only way to bring about a desired end.These principles are unsatisfactory and incompatible to other principles such as informed consent which states the importance of communicating, understanding, and agreeing upon a medical treatment and would work against the autonomy of the patient. It also goes against the requirement of a medical committee member to promote education regarding medical ethical matters and also to assess and provide patient care by demonstrating a respect for patient rights. However, despite Dr.McKeen’s callous attitude towards his patients, I believe he would follow the principle of beneficence, a supporting theory about the value of avoiding harm and helping others. Although he treated his patients in a lackadaisical manner, he demonstrated his gifted surgical abilities with the ultimate goal to heal them. Even when he is diagnosed with cancer and scheduled to receive radiation therapy, he’s concerned about missing his scheduled surgeries and continues to go to work despite his sickness. In the beginning of the movie, Dr McKee was an egoist.Even though he performed the kind actions of operating on people and saving their lives, he was only acting in his own interest. He didn’t actually care about the patients. On his way walking into a scheduled operation, he stated â€Å"A surgeon’s job is to cut. Caring is all about time. I’d rather cut straight, and care less. † He believed he had a right to his own interest, which was to do his job, and care only about his interests, which is exactly how egoists think. Towards the end of the film, he turns into more of a utilitarian in doing the greatest good for the greatest amount of people.After there is an ironic reversal of professional perspective, and he is forced into becoming the patient instead of the doctor, his philosophy on medicine changes. He learned the importance and healing powers of love and compassion and the meaning of ethics of care in that love and responsibility are emphasized over rights, duties, and rules. He defends a patient who was described as terminal by arguing with the doctor and saying, ‘Well is the patient alive or dead? Call a patient terminal again and that’s how you will describe your career. † He was kind and companionate to Mr.Merris, who was undergoing a heart transplant by talking to him throughout the operation and hugging him. Dr. McKee becomes a believer in Kantian theory of truth-telling when he refuses to lie under oath about the mal practice case against Mr. Richards. When all the doctors watched and ignored Mr. Richards who seemed to be having trouble with his car, Dr. McKee helped him receive the keys he’s locked in his car. Also, in the beginning of the film, Dr. McKee would ridicule Eli, an ear-nose-throat doctor, for his empathetic treatment of his patients.At the end he apologizes to him and says, â€Å"I’ve been very insulting with you in the past which I am ashamed of. † When Dr. Abbott says she knows how he feels he responds by saying, â€Å"You don’t have the first idea what I’m feeling. Today I’m sick, tomorrow or the next day you’ll be sick. Every doctor becomes a patient somewhere down the line and then it’ll hit you as hard as it hit me. † He makes the incoming doctors act as hospital patients for 72 hours to learn the importance of the patient’s autonomy, the justice of fairness, and the sanctity of life.He says to them,† You’ve spent so much time learning the Greek names for the patient’s deceases but patients have a name. They feel frightened, embarrassed, and vulnerable. They feel sick and want to get better so because of that they put their lives in our hands. † If Dr. McKee were to sit on an ethics committee discussing the actions of a physician who was treating patients in the way he himself used to, I imagine he would argue this: Dr. McKee: Doctors like that don’t know what it’s like to wait in the waiting room. They don’t understand the ignominy of filling out pointless forms.And they have no idea what it feels like to receive the unfeeling attitude from the professional medical community, when you’re concerned with your health. Patients every day are subject to negligence, indifference, and humiliations from physicians in hospitals. Let’s consider beneficence, the most basic ethical principle. The Oath of Hippocrates states â€Å"I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick and keep them from harm and injustice. I will comfort and benefit the sick, remaining free of all intentional justice. Physicians are treating their patients like specimens, laughing at their questions, ignoring their requests, and not taking into consideration that patients are more than just a Greek named disease, but people just like us. This is not what I call keeping patients from harm and injustice, nor does it comfort or benefit the sick in any way shape or form. Doctors should take the appropriate measures in doing-good because that is their job as physicians. They should practice distributive justice and perform an equal share of goods and services to all individuals, whether they are a physician or a patient.Physicians should protect the patient’s autonomy and provide them with adequate information. They should perform the informative model of the physician/patient relationship and provide the patient with all the information, giving the patient the freedom and correct tools to make a decision on their own. They must be performers of informed consent in that they must communicate with the physician as often as needed and provide adequate and appropriate truth telling. People go to hospitals and put their lives in the hands of doctors.It is a doctor’s duty to do everything they can to provide the most information, comfort, and help possible for their patients. Those who are trained in ethics are taught all of the basic principles and values including: autonomy, informed consent, confidentiality, beneficence, and distributive justice, standard beliefs but will never really fully recognize what they mean to patients, unless they are placed in the patient’s shoes and experience it in actuality. Most doctors I’ve ever seen treat their patients as numbers not peo ple.My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I remember her having to go see a number of different doctors because no one would give her the right information. They rushed her out of their office and didn’t help her to the best of her ability. I also remember when my aunt was dying of mouth cancer, all the bruises she had from doctors and nurses handling her in a careless matter and being too rough with her fragile deteriorating body. Another example was when my brother fell from a tree an cracked his head open, the hospital’s emergency was in no rush to get him in to see a doctor quick enough.We waited in the waiting room for over an hour. Although many doctors may begin distributing all principles into your work, the extremity of it might wear off through time. It is the actual experience of being placed in the patient’s feet that would result in a good doctor or good physician. If a doctor was the one diagnosed with breast cancer, they would expect to receive all the information, direction, and advice on possible actions to take. If a doctor were to be the one dying of mouth cancer, they would expect their weak and fragile body to be handled in a gentle manner and careful manner.And if a doctor were to be the one who cracked their head open, they would expect a physician to assist them immediately. However it isn’t until themselves or someone close to them in placed in the situation of a patient in need of a physician’s help, that a doctor doesn’t fully acknowledge the degree of negligence from the professional medical community to the patients, and when they do have the actual experience in medical ethics, this is what will make a physician a good doctor. References Levine, Carol. Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Bioethical Issues. 12th ed. Dubuque, Iowa: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2008. 2-32.